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The idea of Mardesinno Ventures germinated in March 2021. We are a Strategic Consultancy firm offering affordable business advisory and mentorship services to startups.

Our vision is to co-create transnational entrepreneurial eco-systems that act beyond sustainability.


With 25 plus years of Industry experience, Debasish Bhattacharyya is pursuing his passion of inspiring aspirations and supporting journeys of Startups while recreating himself as an Entrepreneurship Educator.

He has multi-disciplinary exposure in Strategy, Decision making, Business Restructuring, Change Management, Corporate Communications and General Management in cross-functional roles, in multi-business Birla organizations.

Turning points and new fields in career have always strengthened his resolve for excellence. He believes: It's okay to fail and to try again with insights gained.

He finds great interest in works which overlap Sustainability, Biomimicry, Innovation and Systems Thinking.

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Customer Discovery

Customer Validation

Customer Creation

Company Building


Go-to-Market Strategy

Digital Marketing

Brand Communication

Perception & Image Building

Market & Customer Insights

Customer Journey Mapping

Environment Analysis

Online Survey

Marketing Analytics

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